SSD Cloud Server

Get The High Quality KVM Cloud SSD Server Today, More Fast More Stable.

Best value-for-money Servers
RM45.00 /month
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  • CPU
    2 Cores
  • RAM
    1GB Memory
  • DISK
    30GB Space
    10Mbps Dedicated
Intensive resources, delivered
RM59.00 /month
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  • CPU
    2 Cores
  • RAM
    2GB Memory
  • DISK
    60GB Space
    10Mbps Dedicated
High performance and traffic
RM89.00 /month
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  • CPU
    3 Cores
  • RAM
    4GB Memory
  • DISK
    80GB Space
    10Mbps Dedicated

Fully Scalable

Custom VPS hosting scales up at the click of a button to easily add resources as your website grows in audience or complexity. Easy scalability means never paying for more resources than you actually need.


Instant Provisioning

Get up and running in seconds. Where most VPS hosting solutions take hours or days to activate, we designed our VPS servers to provision immediately. Use your server the very second you need it.


Redundant Infrastructure

Multiple layers of network security and several bandwidth providers are utilized to ensure maximized server reliability.


SSD Cloud VPS Advantages

Check-out the Hot Features.

Advantage to you
SSD-Only Fast IOPs Better Database Access Times
Premium Processors Faster Rendering Improved Page Load Times
Private Network Guaranteed Performance Enhanced User Experience
Dedicated Resources DDos mitigation Value for Money

Custom Your VPS Server

Our VPS offers include various configurations with multitude of options, a one-stop solution for all your VPS needs.

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RAM ---



PORT ---


If you subscribe for an extended period, you will get a discount
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Some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

Find answers to some of the frequently asked questions about Our Service.

What is the Cloud SSD Server?
  • A Cloud SSD Server is the next step up from shared web hosting, offering the power and configurability of a dedicated server, but without any hardware issues to worry about. We have powerful physical servers partitioned into isolated virtual servers - each of which looks and behaves like a real networked server system.

What can Cloud SSD Server be used for?
  • Just about anything you could do with your own server, you can do with Cloud SSD Server, but without the expense and the hassle of maintaining hardware. Running your own web server, hosting multiple domains, serious web development and testing. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Can I purchase additional IP addresses?
  • Yes. RM10 per month per IP..

How about the uptime of server?
  • We understand the importance of your website, that is why we offer 24 x 7 and 99.9% uptime of servers.

How long is delivery time?
  • Cloud SSD Server can be delivered after payment in 3 - 5 minits.